Meet the team

  • Ross Dunstan

    Ross Dunstan

    Service Manager

    Ross has been involved in residential services for over 10 years with Addaction, previously working in community services. He started initially as a counsellor, progressed to a team leader and is now the service manager for Addaction Chy. Prior to this he was involved in training to be an counsellor and has first hand experience of substance misuse. Ross said:…

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  • Martin Bennet

    Martin Bennett

    Team Leader

    Martin is the Team Leader at Addaction Chy. He said: “I’ve worked at Chy in a variety of different roles since 2009. Chy offers people afflicted by addiction the chance to make the necessary changes in order to live a life free from substances and the associated misery – the staff at Chy provide the arena, offer the professionalism, the…

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  • Naomi Barber

    Life-Skill Worker

    I started as a volunteer at Chy over 3 years ago facilitating groups and began working as a Residential Engagement Worker 18 months ago before progressing to my current role as Life Skills Practitioner which I have been doing for a year. I work with the residents in Chy and our supported move on flats, to improve the skills required…

  • Sarah Hall

    Sarah Hall

    Art Psychotherapist

    Sarah is an Art Psychotherapist  in dual diagnosis. She is qualified and experienced at working with complex trauma and PTSD and has written a specific trauma programme for Chy called RAFT (Recovery and Aftercare for Formative Trauma). RAFT is an evidenced-based 12 week programme which has proven to significantly benefit recovery by treating the mental health symptoms which frequently underpin…

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  • Tony Smart

    Tony Smart

    Recovery Worker

    I have worked at Chy Colom/Addaction Chy since 2009 as a volunteer, engagement worker and in recent years as a Recovery Worker. It has been said that recovery is not simply about abstinence, but about healing, remembering how to feel, learning how to make good decisions and becoming the kind of person who can have healthy relationships. After addressing my…

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  • Shana Kent

    Shana Kent

    Recovery Worker

    Shana is a Recovery Worker and has worked at Addaction Chy for two years a She said: “My personal circumstances of family members being affected by substance misuse led me to begin on the volunteering programme for a year prior to starting at Chy. Since fulfilling the role of a practitioner at Chy, my passion has only grown and there…

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  • Rebecca Wearne

    Rebecca Wearne

    Recovery Worker

  • Annie Gallagher

    Annie Gallagher

    Recovery Worker

  • Unnamed

    Carol Brinckley

    Administrator/data lead

    Carol is service administrator/data lead at Chy and started four years ago following a career in banking. Her role is very varied and she is responsible for paying the staff to ordering the residents food, inputing information on the national database to liaising with councils about clients’ funding. She said: “A family member worked for Addaction and I was extremely interested in…

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  • Darren Maciag

    Darren Maciag

    Engagement Worker

    It is not easy to put into words the gratitude that comes with doing this job. Working and engaging with people who have had their lives ruined by chronic addiction brings with it many challenges and rewards. Illegal and legal substance misuse can destroy people and their families. The misery, pain and suffering involved can be, at times, incomprehensible. Many…

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  • Claire Firth

    Claire Firth

    Engagement Worker

  • Timmy Ryan

    Engagement Worker

    I came to Chy in 2015 with alcohol addiction and completed my 12 weeks treatment but stayed for a further 3 months, as I needed further help, which staff at Chy provided for me. The people at Chy helped me believe in myself again and I totally changed my life around after I left. Chy truly is an amazing place. I went…

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  • Joe Pepper

    Joe Pepper

    Engagement worker

    Joe is our Engagement Worker and has worked at Chy for six years and been in recovery for 12 years. He is passionate about helping people who want recovery. He has   comprehensive knowledge and understanding of NA and AA and also runs his own a community group. Joe is qualified in giving acupuncture and relaxation and offers these four nights…

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  • Clyde Dingle

    Clyde Dingle


    Clyde is responsible for the maintenance of the buildings and has worked in the Addaction Chy building for a number of years, previously working for a care home who used to own the building. He ensures that the service is kept safe, tidy and to high standard of decorative repairs. He also overseas the duties of the volunteers involved in…

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  • Jack the dog

    Jack the dog

    Therapy dog